Inter switch SPAK 3.0 science Competition 2022 to Nigerians and Kenyans

Interswitch SPAK’s National Science Contest is an annual private and public secondary school competition across Nigeria and Kenyareserved to 2nd-grade (grade 11) students aged 14-17 years old.

InterswitchSPAK is an annual competition that InterswitchSPAK competition is intended to showcase the best career path for students and help them towards their potential and achieve their ambitions (as an investor or entrepreneur) along with a meaningful message to encourage the interest of parents, students and teachers, along with other vital stakeholders to science and technology training as well as its application throughout Africa

Interswitch SPAK 3.0 Science Competition 2022

Inter switch SPAK 3.0 science Competition 2022 to Nigerians and Kenyans


Research has found that the standard of STEM education in Africa and other core areas of Africa has been declining steadily and slowly.

This is the consequence of numerous issues like insufficient funding, poverty, a lack of interest from students, teachers who aren’t qualified, inadequate learning aids, constant strikes/industrial actions, and a few.

In promoting the various opportunities for a sound education for African students, especially related to STEM, the InterswitchSPAK Switch-a-Future Initiative is being introduced predominantly for high school students to chart the ideal career path and drive them towards complete completion success optimization of their potentials/fulfilment of their dreams.


The purpose of InterswitchSPAK

  • It inspires and maintains curiosity in learning STEM in secondary schools across Africa.
  • Enhance the quality of STEM learning and recognize excellence through education grants by establishing an independent contest that promotes quality learning in Africa.
  • Create a vehicle dedicated to the development, growth and overall well-being of African teachers and students through different interventions, including scholarships programs for students with exceptional STEM skills.

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Field/Level of Study

Participants for participation in Interswitchspak 2022 is offered to SSS2 pupils (11th grade) studying the subject of STEM (Science Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) who are enrolled full-time in both private and public institutions in Nigeria and who are between the ages of 14-17 years old. If you want to learn more about the High School Scholarship, visit the hyperlink.


Host Nationality

I speak 2022 has been hosted in Nigeria, and there are numerous exam centres across Nigeria. If you’re an international college student and want to apply for a Nigerian scholarship, check out the list of Nigerian Scholarships.

Interswitch SPAK Competition Eligible Nationalities

Interswitch Spak Competition is accessible to high school pupils in Nigeria or Kenya. Also, if you want to attend school outside of your country of origin. Easy and In-depth Tips for Applying and Getting an Award.

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iSPAK 3.0 Prizes

Students who make it to the competition would receive certificates of participation, plaques and educational grants in addition to other items:

InterswitchSPAK winners will be awarded prizes like the ones below (suggested) prizes in addition to cash prizes:

  • 1. Prizes: Five (5) years University Scholarship plus a yearly Stipend of N7,500,000 and a laptop
  • Second Prize: Three (3) years University Scholarship of N4,000,000 plus a laptop
  • 3rd prize: One (1) year University Scholarship with N1,000,000.

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Interswitch SPAK SPAK Competition Participation

In line with following the Interswitch SPAK aims, each school has to present their six (6) top sciences students (SS2 students) regardless of their tribe, religion, or country of origin to boost their chances of winning into the second round of competition. At a minimum, one of six (6) students selected for mixed schools are females.

For students to be able to pass to be eligible, they must comply with the following rules:

  • Every applicant must be of SSS2 (year eleven) at a public and Private Secondary school in Nigeria.
  • The person should be of the ages between 14 and 17
  • The student has to be a resident of Nigeria.
  • The applicant should be willing to move out of the country of residence even if you’re not a resident of Lagos.
  • They must understand Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics that is based on the latest SS2 NECO/WAEC syllabuses is essential.
  • In addition, the person must agree to abide by the contest’s rules as laid out by the producers.

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Interswitch SPAK Competition 2022 Review

There are two major contest stages.

First Round: Written Qualification Test

All students who are enrolled online (i.e. the top SIX (6) of each school registered) must pass the NECO-organized national qualification test at specific centres in Nigeria, including FCT. Abuja.

Each school must prepare its students for examinations for qualification covering four areas of study: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, based on the WAEC or NECO programs for this year.

National Qualification Exams: National Qualification Exams comprises 100 question-based questions, about 75 minutes. There are 25 questions in each of the four subjects.

Second Round: TV Quiz Competition

The students who scored the highest (with the most scores) of those who have completed the qualifying test will be invited to participate in the competition stage. The results are recorded and broadcast on television stations in Nigeria and Africa.

Three of the top students in each state are acknowledged.

Interswitch Competition Application Methodology

Participation in the contest is free. However, registration for participation is exclusively online at www.interswitchspak.com

iSPAK 3.0 Rles & Regulations

  • The national test InterswitchSPAK will be held in April 2022 in Nigeria. Please see the list of centres on www.interswitchspak.com
  • Students must be at the scheduled Examination Center before 10:00 to get their accreditation. They must have the registration form correctly filled out and signed by their Headmaster.
  • Students who are late for the exam cannot take the test.
  • Students must be armed with only pencils with an eraser, ruler, pencil and an HB chart. There is no calculator allowed.
  • Students must behave appropriately
  • Every wrongdoing can result in being exiled from the student.
  • All students must go to the test site wearing school uniforms.
  • On the page of test centres, you’ll locate the closest centre.
  • The competition is only open for students of SS2 (11th class).
  • Each school must prepare its students for the final examinations in physics, biology, chemistry, and maths based on the curriculum currently in WAEC or NECO SS2.
  • The decision of the NECO test organizer or NECO has been made final. I will not communicate with anyone regarding the results of this exam.
Please Take Note
  • The students will have the ability to access their academic results via the online platform available starting in May 2022.
  • We strongly suggest that students sit for the exam at the closest centre.
  • In the second phase (TV test) of the contest, only those who have been selected will be reached.
  • This year’s InterswitchSPAK National Science Contest will highlight the top science students in Nigeria.

How Do I Register New Schools for Interswitch Competition?

The competition can be entered by all secondary institutions that want to be part of the competition. Should your institution be keen and able to compete, click here to sign up for your school?

Note The school must be able to provide an email address and phone and be required to have an official representative who will act as a mediator and contact information.

The Official Register Link to Schools – New Schools

How Do I Register Schools Returning to Interswitch Competition?

If your school has registered for the competition in previous years, you’ll only require your login information, including the email and password used to complete the registration. Click the hyperlink below to log in to your account. Registration to participate is strictly online via www.interswitchspak.com.

Official Register Link for Returning Schools

InterswitchSPAK Masterclass Session

In the course that will help build the mind-sets of the talented students, There will be an InterswitchSPAK Masterclass where the top speakers will engage and share their real-world experiences with the students, creating the foundation for a promising career in Science for them.

The Speakers will be hosted by Mitchell Elegbe (The Group Managing Director of Interswitch Group), and various life-changing subjects like “Emotional intelligence and the leadership Responsibilities for Youth” will be addressed.

This will be an all-day of activities and games.

The results of the prequalification examination will be announced at the MasterClass, at which the students who passed this phase can join with the other qualified candidates in making the total number of 81.

Interswitch SPAK 2.0 Questions from the Past (Sample)

The Interswitch Spak competition is a rigorous test that requires an excellent and thorough understanding of Arithmetic, logical, and verbal reasoning. You can download the test questions below to give you an idea of how it will go. Interswitch Spak exam will appear;

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