Best healthcare in canada for immigrants, and all you need to know

healthcare in canada for immigrants first of all, every province, has their own programs and there might be a slight difference. And, today we will talk only about Ontario  health plan, which is called Ontario Health Insurance Plan. And we use abbreviation ohip, so ohip stands for Ontario Health Insurance Plan in Ontario. You can get ohIP when you have a legal status.

 Can non-residents get healthcare in Canada for immigrants

And  of course if you planning to come here as an immigrant or you are planning to come here at certain days, you need to know that you can get OHIP only in three months after 19. So it’s very important for you to get insurance from any private company you can find, and you can get different quotes from them to cover yourself for first three months, because it doesn’t matter which status you have. And when you come, you still need to wait.

How long do you have to live in Canada to get free healthcare?

when you apply for healthcare in Canada for immigrants, you still need to wait to get your free OhIP coverage. In order for you to get the OhIP card, you need to physically go to service Ontario. You need to bring with your proof of your residency. It could be rental agreement, it could be any bill that you received for your utility services. It could be any document that shows that you physically leave in Ontario at this certain address.


You have to fill out few forms and, they will send you card. Even if you got card before three months after your arrival, you still have to wait until three months pass after your arrival here in Canada. This is very important moment. So make sure to plan ahead and buy, extra coverage for this three months. Also, I want to mention that all Ohip covers all major doctors visits like hospitalization.

How much is Canadian healthcare for a foreigner?

You can go to emergency room, you can get  any surgery. It’ll be covered  And sometimes they  have new changes, let’s say they ohip covers eye doctors from kids until age of 18. And also for the adults,after the age of 65. so this is very good, because before they didn’t have this option. It’s like probably a little bit more than one year in action, which is very good. All this mentioned above is absolutely free for you.


If you have a Ohip card, you don’t have to pay extra fees for that. We don’t have monthly plans, monthly payments, nothing. It’s absolutely free for us. And its government funded. So they use our money that we pay for taxes to cover all that, fancy doctors like cosmetic surgery and chiropractor  dentist, this not covered,but if you can find work with benefits, extra benefits, they can offer you certain programs that will cover up to 80% of this services, which is great.


So when you are looking for job, you have to ask your employee if they have this coverage. That’s actually a very great feature because, you know, dentists is pretty expensive here. So it is good to have it. And also eye doctors, as you know eye doctors not covering it from regular people, adults of age between eight 18 and 65. And again, it’s,very expensive as well. We are gonna leave a few links down below so you can see more detailed information. And if you didn’t subscribe to our channel, it’s a perfect time to do it right now. And if you have any questions, don’t forget to leave us a comment. Bye now.



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