Best work Permanent Resident visa in Canada 2022

Best work Permanent Resident visa in Canada 2022


Best work Permanent Resident visa in Canada 2022

The process of becoming a Canadian resident opens up many opportunities for you. You can work for any organization you like and with anyone, can travel within and out of Canada whenever you want, to sponsor a relative, family member, and your spouse to Canada. It is very important to note you can live in Canada for the rest of your life without worrying about being returned home unless you lose your Permanent Resident Permit.



For students studying in Canada, it is a dream to get a job in Canada after graduation to get some experience in Canada. There are immigration routes in Canada that allow you to obtain a residency permit of Canada by obtaining a study visa.




Getting the Work Experience As A Student

When you receive the study visa, you need to study in Canada, and you are eligible for employment in Canada regardless of whether you are still in school. Because you are still in school, you are permitted only a small amount of time during the week. You cannot be employed by certain employers without a permit to study, particularly in areas outside the campus. However, you can work temporary jobs during the holidays and other work on campus without having a permit to work.


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This Canadian government also introduced the graduate work permit program that allows foreigners who have completed their program and completed their studies at the Canadian university to stay as employees in Canada regardless of when their student visa is expired. This is an innovative move by government officials of the Canadian government to encourage international students to improve their economy and fill vacant positions efficiently.


The various jobs you can choose from will help you gain the required work experience in Canada, which is crucial when you apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada. Another crucial thing to understand is that it is easier to be a permanent resident when you have an offer of employment from a company in Canada. Since you’ve already completed your education in Canada and most likely gained some work experience, it’s much easier for employers to offer you a position or to sponsor your permanent residence goals. Here are a few reasons you require to be a Sponsor in Canada.




Also, apply to Sponsors who can accompany you to Canada.

Best work Permanent Resident visa in Canada 2022

When you adhere to the steps outlined in this article, make sure that you can be a permanent resident quickly by utilizing your student visa.


Best work Permanent Resident visa in Canada 2022

It is necessary to be within Canada to be eligible. Therefore, you must enroll as an academically qualified student in Canada before thinking about applying for permanent residency status. This is the step-by-step guide to becoming an undergraduate student in Canada.

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Get Some Working Experience While You Are At it.


Once you are in Canada, it is important to begin contemplating a career and not just to gain experience but also to pay the bills. The process of finding a job in Canada as a student is straightforward. It is possible to work during the holiday season in full-time employment or do a couple of hours when the school is in session.


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Ensure You Meet the Basic Permanent Residence Requirements


The requirement of permanent residence is vital. It is essential to satisfy each condition to have a chance. Here are some prerequisites.


  • You must possess at least 12 months of work experience.
  • Pass the test for language proficiency
  • Be exempt from an order to remove you.
  • Not been found guilty of any serious offense and more
Choose the Permanent Resident Program For You


Many different options are available when you apply for the Canadian permanent residence permit as a student. But here are my three favorite picks from the lot


  • Canada Experiential Class: you are eligible if you’ve studied in Canada for a minimum of 2 years and earned an educational certificate.
  • Quebec Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

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