Best Uk scholarship for nigerian students and Other Ethnic Minority Students 2023 

Uk scholarship for nigerian students and Other Ethnic Minority Students in the United Kingdom typically provide students with
additional assistance and mentorship in addition to cash incentives.
The goal is to give any further assistance that may be required to ensure that you reach your
greatest potential.


Uk scholarship for nigerian students

Scholarships for students of color and other ethnic minorities assist to balance the scales and
provide them with chances that they may not otherwise have.
There are several scholarships available in the UK for students from ethnic minority
backgrounds. And we presented you with some of the greatest in this post.
Here they are.

University of Leicester College of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities (CSSAH)

Minority Ethnic Masters Scholarship

To encourage diversity in academia, the University of Leicester College of Social Sciences,
Arts, and Humanities (CSSAH) provides 10 scholarships to master students from ethnic

To be eligible for uk scholarship for nigerian students. applicants must have permanent residency in the United Kingdom.
They must have a full-time master degree program offer from the University of Leicester.
Furthermore, their topic should be in one of the following disciplines:
● Modern Languages
● Media and Communication
● Law
● Politics and International Relations
● Archaeology and Ancient History
● Criminology
● Management
● English
● Museum Studies
● History
● Sociology
● Education
● Economics
● Film Studies

The awards include a full tuition fee waiver, plus academic support and mentoring.

Bank of England African-Caribbean Scholarship

The Bank of England offers a scholarship to students interested in pursuing a career in finance
or banking.
Students must have applied for one of the bank & internships to be eligible. They should also be
of Black, Mixed African, or Caribbean descent.
They should also have an annual family income of less than £50,778.
The scholarship is worth at least £5,000 for one academic year of study. It is meant to pay living
expenditures as well as other study-related expenses.

Open Futures Scholarship for Black Students

The Open University provides a variety of scholarships to ethnic minority students. They are
intended for undergraduate students studying any field.
To be eligible, applicants must identify as Black and have a family income of no more than
£25,000 per year.

accounting 2
uk scholarship for nigerian students. Note They must be UK residents and qualify for domestic student status. Applicants must also be
fresh undergraduate students without a higher education qualification.
They must take at least 30 credits each academic year.
The award sum is £500, with 50 awards paying the whole tuition cost of your degree.

Oxford-Arian Hamilton and Earline Butler Sims Scholarship

One student from a Black African or Caribbean background will be supported by this award. At
the University of Oxford, students can study in any field.

To be eligible for uk scholarship for nigerian students. candidates must be first-year undergraduate students. They must be normal
residents of the United Kingdom and qualify for domestic student status.
They should also be of Black African or Caribbean descent. This covers mixed-race candidates
with Black African or Black Caribbean ancestry.
The scholarship covers course expenses. It also provides a living expense subsidy for three or
four years, depending on the length of the course.
Medical students will only be funded for the first four years of their education. A £3,000
internship award will also be offered.

Royal College of Music Scholarships for Black, Asian, and Ethnically Diverse Students
Every year, the Royal College of Music (RCM) awards three scholarships to students from
ethnic minorities.

Students must be members of an ethnic minority to be eligible. They must be a UK citizen and
be entitled to pay domestic student fees.
They must apply for the Bachelor of Music program and participate in an audition or interview
during the college major London audition period.
Awards are worth up to the entire tuition for each year of the course and can be used to cover
tuition or to aid with living expenses.

Barbara Raw English uk scholarship for nigerian students

Two scholarships are offered for incoming undergraduate students studying in the Department
of English for a single or combined honors degree.
Applicants must be black UK students who have achieved/are projected to obtain AAA in their A
Levels or equivalent.

The scholarships are intended for students who aspire to pursue a specific degree in the
English department.
Applicants must be entitled to pay Home fees and have a current conditional or unconditional
offer to study at Royal Holloway.
The award is worth £6,000 and will be paid out over three years.

uk scholarship for nigerian students Stormzy Award

Since its inception in 2018, the Stormzy Scholarship has offered financial assistance to 19 UK
Black students, assisting in the transformation of their university experience.
This began with two students each year before being increased in 2021. Stormzy Merky
Foundation, in collaboration with HSBC UK, will award scholarships to at least ten Black
students beginning their studies in the fall of 2022.
The scholarships are non-repayable, covering the full cost of tuition and providing a
maintenance allowance, reducing the need for beneficiaries to take up government or
commercial loans.
Recipients will be able to use this funding for three or four years of undergraduate studies. The
total grant to each student for the year 2022-23 will be £20,000.

uk scholarship for nigerian students  Oxford Black Academic fulture

The University of Oxford grants 30 scholarships to students of African descent or mixed race.
This is part of their Academic Futures initiative.
It strives to remedy under-representation and contribute to greater equality.
Students must be Black or mixed race and normally reside in the United Kingdom.


They should have a postgraduate teaching or research degree offer from the University of Oxford.
This covers both full-time and part-time DPhil and master degree programs.
Award amount: 30 students will have their study fees paid for, as well as a stipend for living
expenses at the UKRI rate. This equates to around £15,600 each year.

uk scholarship for nigerian students Black Heart Scholars Programme

There are several scholarships available to students at all levels of higher education. The
money can assist students with the costs of a student degree.
Awards are given to students from low-income socioeconomic situations and are not based
purely on ethnicity.
Applicants must demonstrate a clear instance of financial necessity to be considered. The
program assists applicants who are studying predominantly in the United Kingdom or the United
However, the Foundation is open to alternative possibilities.
Amount granted: The amount awarded will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Tuition,
living expenses, and other education-related expenditures may be

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