5 Best tips on healthy kidney signs


tips on healthy kidney signs There are many methods to lower the chance of developing kidney problems. Why not wait until your kidneys become damaged? There are several steps to take care of how your kidneys are doing.

Drink plenty of fluids drinking:

This is the most well-known and easiest method to keep your kidneys well. Drinking plenty of fluids and hot water will help kidneys eliminate toxins, sodium, and urea from your body.


tips on healthy kidney signs Diet low in sodium and salt:

Keep your salt and sodium intake under control. This means you must reduce the amount of restaurant or packaged foods you consume. Don’t add any additional salt to your diet. Diets with low salt levels reduce the load on kidneys, stop the growth of hypertension-related disorders, and can also slow the progression of kidney disease.

Maintain an appropriate body weight

by eating healthy and staying under control. Have your body’s cholesterol levels regularly checked to ensure you don’t accumulate cholesterol in the renal arteries. Also, remove saturated fats/fatty food items like fried ones from your diet and make sure you consume plenty of vegetables and fruits daily. The burden on kidneys increases with weight as the proportions of an individual increase. It would help if you aimed for a BMI of less than 24, especially in the Indian situation.

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Make sure to check your blood sugar levels regularly and ensure they are at normal levels. Kidney damage among diabetic patients is commonplace and is preventable by detecting it early. It is therefore recommended to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels, stay clear of sweet foods and consult a doctor if your blood sugar (fasting or postprandial) levels or HBA1C are elevated. Keep HBA1C levels under 6.0.

Keep track of your blood pressure and maintain it in check:

If you are suffering from hypertension, you should take antihypertensives with your doctor. Maintain an active lifestyle, and make any necessary dietary adjustments. The ideal blood pressure is between 120 and 80. High blood pressure may cause kidney problems, leading to a stroke and heart attack.

Kidney function tests and urine analysis can be done frequently as a component of the annual exam. As I have mentioned, if you have hypertension, Diabetes, obesity or if you’re over 60 years old, take a kidney function test, kidney imaging, renal function tests, and Urine Analysis regularly. If you notice even the tiny amounts of protein detected in urine, be sure to see your doctor of kidneys. People with Diabetes need to be especially aware of this.


Stop Smoking:

Smoking is among the most critical variables that can be controlled to increase the risk of developing kidney diseases. Smoking just one cigarette can worsen the damage already caused by a weak kidney. The habit of smoking is also an underlying risk contributor to Diabetes, hypertension, CAD, and Hypertension. So, one must quit smoking immediately, and it is essential not just for the kidneys but also for the general well-being and overall health of our body.

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Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

through moderate exercise for about 45 minutes every day, such as cycling, jogging or jogging and playing racquet sports at least five times out of seven days a week, even if it’s not every day. Alter your lifestyle to a more active one by walking around the office or taking an afternoon stroll after lunch.

Be sure to balance your life by ensuring a peaceful night’s rest of at least 8 hours daily. A restful night’s sleep is vital to staying healthy.
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