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Scholarships Your Guild
Scholarships Your Guild



Scholarships Your Guild To Make Right Choices Everything in life is all about the Choices we make. Choices
forms our daily decision which also forms our routines that
makes up our lifestyle. To continue in life despite what we pass
through or to drop off because we feel we cannot continue are
also part of the choices we must make.

So, we are the end product of the choices we make.
Different Organizations, Individuals, and the government
decided to help various academics like the Researchers,
students, and the Athletic Skilled personnel to make positive
choices by helping them with financial leverages to acquire
new skills and knowledges in life.

They saw the challenge people pass through and they decided to offer financial aids
(Scholarships) to help them, as a form of assistance so as to
acquire knowledge.Whoever offers the scholarship sets the values of and on which

Scholarships Your Guild To Make Right Choices

the Scholarship will live on. Many do not come easily till some
necessary criteria are met. Scholarship Recipients do not pay
back the aids given to them but might be expected to continue
to meet up some specified requirements so as to remain valid,
staying in the scholarship throughout the duration timeline



Scholarships are not “Grants

Strange as it may appear, Scholarships are not really grants in
real sense. People often misuse these words a lot. The
differences are not really much. Scholarships are given to
specific fields, career and persons with a matching criterion but
not so with grant. Grant can be given to all persons, in all fields,
careers and more.

You cannot give a market woman scholarship to trade, but you
can give her grant to help her business or family solve their
needs. Likewise, a mechanic, vulcanizer, plumber, they too
cannot be given scholarships to stabilize on their fields except
they need to study,

You see, Organizations that give Scholarships do not directly
fund anyone (Their recipients). These Organizations that offers
these scholarships, pays directly to the receiving institution or
Organization responsible for giving out the knowledge of
which they subscribed for. In such practice, scholarship
recipients do not receive cash or Direct funding from these
sponsoring or funding bodies.



Grants in other sense is not like that. Grant Recipients are
directly credited with the funds to enable them do whatsoever
they wish with the grants or financial aids

Are scholarships difficult to get

26th February, 2022. North Gist
This has been an FAQ (Frequently asked Question) for a long
time. Different schools of thought believe it is a thing of Luck;
while many tried this and ran out of the luck.
Look, Scholarships are easy to get but you must basically
understand the criteria for each scholarship and see if you can
meet up with its’ requirements.


sometimes Luck, Hard work and Empathy plays out sometimes during major Scholarship selection
processes, which means it might favor you no not just yet.
You must understand that entries for scholarships have a set
Duration, Purpose, mapped out criteria and maintenance
procedures for its issuance. With a clear understanding, you
must know that whatever you do,


negatively in other to acquire or bridge the set rules of these Scholarships through lies and falsehood will affect other people’s chances of getting such Scholarship in the future. No one Burns a bridge after Passing
through it.

Scholarships are as easy as the understanding you have of it that
will enable you acquire it. it is very certain that you might have
the full belief, trust and confidence that your scholarship
application will pull through but certainly it did not.

That was painful and dejecting but that does not make getting
Scholarships in a whole, hard or Difficult. It is not an assured
procedure but one thing is sure, we can always Help you.

North Gist have studied various world classed Scholarships,
bringing various scholarship offers to your closet where you
can choose any from our list of active Scholarships around the
world. Whatever be your need, you can certainly find answers
right here on North Gist page.


Types of scholarshps

Let us now Discuss various types of Scholarships. Scholarships
are uncountable all over the world but to pick the right
Scholarship, you really must know what you need, how to get
them and where to get them. According to Wikipedia, 9 types
of Scholarships exist but we shall be discussing 6 major and
most relevant types:

1. Merit Based Scholarships: Scholarships based on
Students academic excellence, worth and Productivity. It
is based on merit, gotten from evaluative satisfaction from
a given task.

2. Need-Based Scholarship: These types of Scholarships
exist in some foreign countries. These are given to
Specific students in needs. So, when these needs arise,
organizations offer scholarship to assist these sets of
students to attend to such needs.

3. Student Specific Scholarship: Applicants must qualify on
Specific Research Areas for them to be given this
Scholarship. These specifics can be initiated by academics
for discoveries, creativity, Performance Artistry, projects
and Scientific Innovations.


4. Career Specific Scholarship: These are awarded by
universities, colleges, Organizations, Companies and
public-spirited individuals. These are based on academic
achievements and these Scholarships are awarded for
continued acquisition of advanced knowledges.
Applicants who wish to pursue further in that career and
are not able due to go further due to financial difficulties
are granted such Scholarship to enable them further on.

5. College Specific Scholarships: This type of Scholarship
is bounded to a specific schools. Universities and colleges

can put up Scholarships to Assist their students who are

facing difficulties and hardship. This, most times are done
to enable talented, Skilled and Intelligent Students have
access to certain programs run by the school- University
or Colleges.


6. Brand Scholarship: this type of Scholarship is offered to
students by Organizations who wishes to improve their
brands. These Organizations sponsor students who in turn
help promote their brands through specified programs;
they run to create more sales and awareness.

Scholarships can be Bridged and unabridged. Bridged
Scholarships has a non-exhausting list. It is large in number and
it is meant for specific disciplines and purposes while the
unabridged Scholarship is open for various purposes.

Below are few lists of unabridged Scholarships

• Chevening Scholarship
• CSC Scholarship
• Commonwealth Scholarship
• Coca-Cola Scholarship
• Endeavour Awards
• Erasmus Mundus
• Fulbright Scholarship
• Gates Cambridge Scholarship
• Jardine Scholarship
• Marshall Scholarship
• Mitchell Scholarship
• Foundation Scholarship
• Rhodes Scholarship
• Schwarzman Scholars





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