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As a comprehensive research and teaching university, Memorial University offers more than 110 graduate diploma, master’s and doctoral programs, attracting some of the world’s most intellectually ambitious and talented graduate students in almost all fields of studies.

Graduate students at Memorial are taught and supervised by some of the best scholars in their fields, both nationally and internationally.

Learn more about our graduate programs below and find the one that is best suited to your interest and goals.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Small classes, faculty that leave their doors open in anticipation of your questions, and an environment that challenges you to think on the edge. Looking for the largest and most comprehensive Folklore program in Canada? It’s here. See what else we have to offer you

Looking to blend the idealism of arts with the methods of scientific thought? at Memorial are a harmony of ideas designed to get you thinking differently. Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology is just one program that challenges you to cross academic borders.

Professional programs

Geneticist. Counselor. MBA. Some programs are designed to help you become a professional. But there’s more to become at Memorial. Why, you can get a Master’s degree in one year in Marine Studies at Canada’s leading centre of fisheries and marine training. Explore our programs to see what you can become.


Ocean. Forests. Bedrock. Newfoundland and Labrador is one giant science lab. Graduate students find science in everything that surrounds them here. From the Ocean Sciences Centre to a pan-university network of research equipment and facilities, see how scienceis alive at Memorial.

Learn online

Memorial’s 450 online courses make it possible to extend your classroom beyond borders, enabling you to undertake academic exploration anywhere in the world. Find out more by exploring online program op

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