Best scholarship for lgbtq students 2023,apply now

scholarship for lgbtq students are scholarships which are founded to help LGBTQ students from all around the world get the best of education as possible. These scholarships are hosted in very good Universities in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

scholarship for lgbtq students

, aren’t they? These are all countries with laws that recognize the rights and dignity of LGBTQ students, where you can plan and grow your career in a wide variety of fields, from the physical sciences to the arts and humanities.

We have compiled a list of these scholarship, categorizing them by countries. You would need to research more to find the requirements and application procedures for these scholarships are also found with each scholarship. If you are eligible for any of these scholarships, there is no need to procrastinate about applying, as many of them come with a deadline  CLICK AND APPLY HERE


scholarship for lgbtq students in the US

The Queer Foundation: This is open to students anywhere in the world who wish to attend college or university in the US. The application process involves submitting an essay, and the award is for up to $1000.

The Pride Foundation: Students from the LGBTQ+ community who live in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, who have shown leadership qualities can apply for this scholarship.

Out to Innovate Scholarships: These are undergraduate or postgraduate scholarships for LGBTQ+ students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). Eligible applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA after completing two years of post-high school education at an accredited university.

The LEAGUE Foundation: This is for LGBTQ students entering their first year at a college or University in the US or Canada. Only US citizens can apply.

National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals: If you are an LGBTQ student who want to extend your career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, or you are an active ally of the LGBTQ+ community and studying in this field, you can apply for this scholarship. It is for undergraduate or graduate degrees and successful applicants would be awarded two scholarships worth $5000, which would be awarded each Fall.

 stonewall foundation scholarship

scholarship for lgbtq students The Stonewall foundation focuses on the important needs of the LGBT community, particularly in New York. They annually provide scholarships for students in the community that would grant them a unique learning experience.


The Kay Longcope Scholarship Award: Fair and accurate coverage of the LGBT community is needed in journalism. This scholarship provides up to $3,000 tuition assistance to an LGBT student of colour who plans a career in journalism. Another scholarship available LGBT students planning a career in journalism is the Leroy F. Aarons Scholarship Award.

The Point Foundation: The Point foundation is a large scholarship-granting organization aimed at supporting LGBTQ students. Successful applicants are assessed by merit and are awarded financial support, then paired with a mentor and would be given leadership development training.

PFund –

This is for LGBT students who are Minnesota residents or enrolled in a post-secondary academic program in the state.

Roy Scrivner Research Grants: This is a program that gives research grants to graduate students to conduct research which encourages the study of LGBT family psychology and LGBT family therapy. The scholarship is worth up to $10,000

Human Rights Campaign Scholarship Database: This is a good database to find information on LGBTQ scholarships and other funding opportunities by state.


LGBT scholarships to study in Canada

scholarship for lgbtq students to canada is The Pride Education Network – This scholarship is for LGBTQ secondary school students in British Columbia with the financial needs who have a minimum B grade average to attend a university or college in Canada.University of Alberta Michael Phair Leadership Award: This is a scholarship in the University of Alberta for LGBTQ and two-spirited students.

The Bill 7 Award: 

scholarship for lgbtq students These scholarships have a value of US$1,500 for LGBTQ and two-spirited students who have the financial need. The students would gain scholarships to study at any post-secondary institution in Ontario.

The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose: This is a scholarship for LGBTQ and two-spirited students in any accredited post-secondary education program within the province of Alberta.

 Start Proud:

There are two slots available  in this scholarship program. The scholarship is for LGBTQ students enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary program of study.

The LOUD Foundation –

LGBTQ students who are Canadian citizens or residents may enrol for this scholarship to study in any University in Canada.


LGBT scholarships to study in the UK

Positive action for LGBT+ MSc Scholarship at University of Edinburgh Business School: This is a scholarship offered by the University of Edinburgh Business School for up to £10,000. The scholarship is for a masters’ degrees program, and students who are eligible for it have to show commitment to making a difference to the LGBT+ community, especially within the business environment.


LGBTQ+ Allies Scholarship at De Montfort University: There are two scholarships that are annually available for international postgraduate students from outside of the UK and the EU at De Montfort University. The scholarships cover course fees and include an additional £1,015 per month to assist with other expenses.


Rainbow New Zealand:

This is another scholarship program for students in the community. It is intended for those enrolling in a full-time degree course at a recognized tertiary-level institution. To be eligible, applicants must be New Zealand citizens, or permanent residents who have been living in New Zealand in the previous two years.

The Pinnacle Foundation:

These are scholarships for young LGBTIQ students between the ages of 17 and 26. The scholarship for lgbtq students enables them to undertake full-time education at public institution of higher education in Australia or a public or private secondary school if they are in their final year.

Collin Higgins Youth Courage Award:

This is an award for exceptional students dealing with discrimination due to being LGBTQ. The scholarship also gives the chance for LGBTQ allies who apply to win $10,000, in addition to an opportunity to attend the National Conference for LGBT equality. Students would also win an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles or New York for Pride Week.

Monash Queer Leaders Scholarship: This scholarship with a value of US$3,500 is available to an Australian or Kiwi student who identifies as LGBTIQ. The student have to be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Monash University.


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