Conflict Resolution has been and would always continue to remain a critical field of study in human society. Human history has always been filled with conflicts of different kinds, from tribal, to religious, to nationalistic, and these conflicts have all been playing a critical role in the unfolding of events that human history might as well be told through conflicts and how they were resolved.


For students living in conflict zones who want to study or research strategies to build peace in their home community, getting a scholarship to Queen’s University would be a very good start. Conflict resolution and peace building is an area of human endeavour that is deeply researched and studied in Queen’s University, Belfast. The University is located in the post-conflict society of Northern Ireland, and this provides an ideal environment for researchers who want to research deeply into the topic. They are currently offering Master’s degree courses in several areas of Conflict resolution, and there are some lucrative scholarships and fellowships that you can get to help fund these studies too.


The University also offers several undergraduate courses in fifteen schools across three faculties. The faculties are the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS), the Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences (EPS) and the Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences (MHLS). The University is ranked amongst the best universities in the world, and anyone who gains an admission here would find that they have been availed some of the best study resources in any subject of their endeavour in any of these 3 faculties. Several notable alumni, such as the scientist that invented the Bell theorem, John Stewart Bell, studied in Queens University. Another notable alumni is the actor Liam Neeson.


Masters in Conflict Resolution/Peace Building in Queens University

If you wish to run a Master’s program in Conflict Resolution/Peace Building in Queen’s University, below are the list of courses and their descriptions, culled from their official website:

·         MA Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

This Masters in conflict resolution offers you a unique opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary degree in conflict transformation and social justice at a world-class university situated in the midst of a society transitioning from conflict.

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·         MA Global Security and Borders

A unique course, not offered anywhere else in the UK or Ireland, through which you’ll critically examine how pressing security issues are increasingly being felt at border sites around the world. Taught by a community of world-leading experts.

·         MA Geopolitics

As the international scene becomes increasingly complex, understanding the fundamentals of how people, governments, international institutions and the environment interact is becoming increasingly important.


·         MA International Relations

This Masters in International Relations aims to enable you to examine, explain and understand what affects our world, from security and terrorism, migration and mobility, to global financial crises.

·         MA Violence, Terrorism and Security

A dynamic and critical study into peace and conflict studies. It challenges accepted wisdom and opens up debate on the role of violence in relation to political power, all taught in a post-conflict society.

Students would have to apply and meet the requirements of the various scholarships offered for various amounts in the University. To begin the application process, click here to register your interest. You can proceed from there to complete your registration, and you would be on your way to becoming a certified expert in issues of conflict resolution with a well-recognized degree.

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Undergraduate Studies in Queen’s University

Undergraduate studies in this University, as we have mentioned earlier, would make for a wonderful experience for any student with the right amount of enthusiasm for their studies. The courses offered in all 15 schools of the three faculties are all taught in exciting lectures and lively classes. Furthermore, there is a vibrant student life in the University, with a whole lot of clubs, societies, and sporting events. There is also the hugely successful Queen’s Film Theater, which has been described as the leading independent cinema in Northern Ireland.

Although the school is quite selective in its admissions, students with the determination and zest can find themselves studying at this prestigious university. Read through the admissions page to find out the requirements for any course of your choice. Then try to find out other requirements that would be needed for the admission, and plan to meet them. There are various scholarships offered by various organizations that are accepted by the University that can be used to meet the tuition.


Below is the full list of the schools found in the University:

  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
    • School of Arts, English and Languages
    • School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics
    • School of Law
    • Queen’s Management School
    • School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
  • Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences
    • School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
    • School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • School of Mathematics and Physics
    • School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • School of Natural and Built Environment
    • School of Psychology
  • Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences
    • School of Biological Sciences
    • School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
    • School of Nursing and Midwifery
    • School of Pharmacy

There are other Institutions found within the University that are available to students of the school at various levels of study. These institutions are all specialized in various areas of human endeavour, established at various points in the University’s history, and have their own independent admissions process. Below is the comprehensive list of these institutions:

  • The Gibson Institute Land, Food and the Environment
  • Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS)
  • The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice –
  • Institute of Cognition and Culture
  • Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT)
  • Institute of Irish Studies
  • Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS)
  • Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning (ISEP
  • Institute of Theology
  • William J. Clinton Leadership Institute
  • Presidents Scholarships are awarded to World Leaders at the University of Winnipeg Canada 2022/2023

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