Queen Elizabeth the second is died @ 96

Queen Elizabeth the second is died @ 96

Queen Elizabeth the second is died @ 96 years old she died today after a serious health issues that the royal family tried to manage with private doctors hired to manage and give her the best health care services,

the queen who ruled England for 70years from her early age at 26 years is the longest reigning female monarchy that has ever ruled United Kingdom


Queen Elizabeth the second is died @ 96

Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning queen of the united Kingdom she is loved by the people of united kingdom and everybody around the world, she is a passionate and unique friend to all earlier this week while on her sick bed she is so determind to carry out her duties because of her love for her people,

her love and service to humanity was beyond united kingdom she touched so many lives around the globe its indeed a day of grate lose,

Operation London Bridge (also known by its code phrase London Bridge Is Down) refers to a plan currently underway in the United Kingdom following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It includes planning for the announcement of her death, the period of official mourning, and the details of her

Last Tribute

 leaders around the world will start arriving united kingdom from different countries of the world to pay tribute to the late monarchy for her selfless services to humanity during her reign as the queen of the united kingdom


according to the rules of the royal family his majesty king charles the 3rd has replaced her mother and he is now  the king of the united kingdom

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