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Niger Delta Development Commission Financial Aid for Overseas Postgraduate Program

 Niger Delta Development Commission scholarships

(NDDC) (NDDC) has been in operation since 2000 for the entire improvement and development of the Niger Delta. The Niger Delta Development Corporation (NDDC) has contributed continuously to the ecological, economic, political, and social development of the delta. This has led to a gradual expansion of the delta. USER REVIEW

0 (0 votes)In the same vein, numerous initiatives have been implemented to improve education. Some grants and scholarships are available to students who wish to pursue studies abroad or at home. These scholarship schemes include programs like Postgraduate foreign scholarship programs etc.


These scholarships will help Niger Deltans develop more abilities and talent, and they can gain an advantage in a highly competitive market.


The program provides financial aid to students with Bachelors’s and Masters’s Degree students aspiring to pursue studies abroad. It provides financial assistance to students pursuing Masters as well as Ph.D. degree courses in the fields of Engineering or Medicine, Computer Science and Technology, Geology, Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, and more.


The minimum eligibility for the program of scholarship is the first degree, with 2 And the lower division of the class for admission to master’s programs and the ability to earn a Masters’s degree to be eligible for the Ph.D. program. The applicants must have been admitted to admission to the masters or Ph.D. at a recognized international university. The applications are generally made online on the website of the Niger Delta Development Commission, and details are made available on the site following the announcements of the commission. The process for applying requires an updated photograph, a local government identification document, a postgraduate admissions letter, and degrees from a recognized university. The list of qualified candidates is generally announced on the official website.

This scholarship is available to many Niger Deltans who want to go abroad to study and fulfill their goals and gain an advantage in a highly competitive environment.


Additional information regarding details about the NDDC Scholarship program is available. Here. If you’ve got any queries, please feel free to leave a comment below.




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