5 Best Jobs for International Relations Majors


Make the most of your jobs for international relations majors with our list of the five best jobs in the field! Start planning your future today.

5 Best Jobs for International Relations Majors

If you are a student majoring in international relations, it can be difficult to decide which career opportunities are the best fit for you. Fortunately, there is a wealth of jobs available to those with an international relations degree, from working for governmental bodies to non-governmental organizations. Learn what the five best jobs in international relations are and start planning your future today!


Diplomats in national Foreign Service.

Diplomats are people appointed by a state to protect its interests and provide assistance in formulating and carrying out foreign policy. If you have excellent communication skills and an interest in Jobs for International Relations Majors in international affairs,


being a diplomat for your national government may be the perfect job for you. As a diplomat, you will travel the world, participate in negotiations on behalf of your government, and represent the nation abroad through diplomatic missions.


International Relation Policy Analyst

Policy analysts play a crucial role in the field of international relations by helping governments develop and implement policies related to international trade, security, and foreign policy. As a policy analyst, you will work with policymakers to research key issues and recommend courses of action.


You should also have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills as you will often be asked to analysis data and reports, provide strategic advice, design solutions to complex problems, and draft policy documents.


Political Affairs  Lawyer

An international lawyer is responsible for resolving political, legal and economic disputes between nations. They provide legal advice to government agencies on international trade, finance, defence and human rights. In addition to having a degree in law or another relevant area, an international lawyer must have knowledge of international law and the ways in which different countries interact with each other.

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 Intelligence  Economics Officer

Intelligence officers, who typically work for government agencies, are responsible for collecting and analysing intelligence to protect a nation’s interests. They research trends in international affairs and assess reactions to international events. They also analyse economic data and business opportunities in foreign countries. An international relations major can provide the strong base of knowledge required to embark on a career as an intelligence officer.


Nonprofit Manager for international relation

Nonprofit managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of a nonprofit organization. They identify and implement solutions to problems related to human resources, finance and operations. In addition, they develop budgets that focus on meeting the organizations’s mission and objectives, negotiate contracts with vendors and regularly measure their program outcomes. International relations majors often have the diplomatic skills necessary for this role and can use their knowledge of international affairs to ensure that nonprofit organizations meet all applicable regulations when working in foreign countries.


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