Increasing water consumption and promoting sweating can help us improve the health of our kidneys, as it helps us prevent infections and purify toxins.

Do you know what you have to do to improve kidney function? By way of help, below we will comment on the 8 tips that experts recommend the most and that therefore should be applied daily to take care of kidney function and prevent health problems.


The kidneys are organs that often suffer the consequences of a poor diet, excessive consumption of alcohol and other drugs, as well as the consumption of certain medications, stress, etc. For this reason, it is essential to maintain good habits and try, as far as possible, to avoid excesses.

However, sometimes we do not know where to start or we consider that we maintain healthy habits that, in reality, do not bring us benefits. If you’re having the dilemma yourself, make sure you give these tips a try. You will see that in no time, your kidney function will improve! It sure will!

How can I improve my kidney function? – 8 tips

How Can I Improve My Kidney Function

  1. Drink plenty of water daily

Drinking water throughout the day in sufficient quantities is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the entire body, and especially the kidneys. It hydrates them and at the same time helps prevent stones, inflammations and infections

It is advisable to drink at least one and a half liters of water, spread over several glasses, outside of meals.

Avoid drinking a lot of water in a single shot, as it will not give you the same benefits as if you spread the amounts over several shots.

There is no consensus on the ideal temperature to drink the water, therefore, this is at the discretion of each person.

If you are a very physically active person, you should drink more water to stay well hydrated.

To improve kidney function, in addition to drinking enough water daily, you should limit the consumption of industrial drinks, which have an excess of sodium and added sugars.

  1. Limit your salt intake

A certain amount of salt a day is good for your health, as long as it is not added in excess to meals. However, many times we consume it in excess without knowing it, through precooked foods, snacks and many other ultra-processed products. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the amount of salt that some foods and products may already have, and based on this, avoid adding more.

When you consume excess salt, the kidneys are forced to retain more water in order to eliminate it, which causes an imbalance of fluids in the body.

In turn, there is an increase in blood pressure that, in the long term, damages the nephrons.

Do you usually use a lot of salt to dress your dishes? Try substituting herbs and spices to improve kidney function.

  1. Reduce dairy consumption

Salt is not the only food that is detrimental to kidney health. Milk and milk derivatives increase the elimination of calcium through the urine, which can promote the appearance of kidney stones, especially if we drink little water and have a genetic predisposition to suffer them.

People who eat dairy in order to get more calcium should take into account that the mineral present in these foods is not assimilated correctly and, in the long run, can harm the kidneys.

  1. Minimize sugar consumption

For balancing the pH of the blood, aside the lungs, you need the kidneys. A diet rich in refined sugars can alter the proper functioning of the body.

Although salt has always been talked about as the main culprit of kidney problems, we must know that sugar also has a very negative influence.

To improve kidney function, we can look for healthy alternatives, such as stevia, panela or coconut sugar, and learn to use them in moderation. For this it is also convenient to consult with the doctor or a nutritionist

  1. Activate sweating

Every time we sweat, we relieve the overload suffered by the kidneys, since we enhance another way of eliminating fluids from the body. In this sense, increasing sweating can be an excellent “therapy” to take care of kidney function.

  • Medium or high intensity physical exercise, or by intervals.
  • Dry and wet sauna.
  • Consumption of hot spices such as ginger or cayenne pepper.
  1. Use cleanses periodically

Once or twice a year, especially in times of change of season, it is a good idea to do some kind of cleaning or purification to facilitate the elimination of toxins and improve liver and kidney function. This consists of improving eating habits, mainly.

To do a renal cleanse you can try:

  • Include garlic and onion broths more regularly in the diet.
  • Substitute industrial drinks for green pear, celery and apple juices.
  • Take advantage of the natural infusions of dandelion, burdock and horsetail to stimulate the elimination of liquids.
  1. Apply local heat

Applying local heat using a hot water bottle or heating pad can provide relief when experiencing lower back discomfort in the kidney area.

On the other hand, avoiding extreme cold in the torso area and, above all, cold drafts in winter is essential to prevent (or alleviate, as the case may be) discomfort in this area, whether or not there are kidney disorders.

  1. Avoid alcohol and excesses

Tips to take care of the pancreas: do not consume alcohol.

Of course, avoiding alcohol is essential to take care of kidney health. Various studies have shown that alcohol is capable of deteriorating kidney function to a great extent, and that the greater the amount of alcohol consumed, the greater the risk of suffering from various health problems.

On the other hand, it is important to always remember that all excesses are harmful to health, not just alcohol or other drugs.

Final words of advice

Now that you know what are the 8 tips, which answer your question how can I improve my kidney function properly, do not hesitate to put them into practice. As well as the recommendations of your family doctor. They will add years of life and well-being!

Make sure you moderate consumption of the mentioned foods. Stay active. Drink water. And most importantly, keep leading a healthy lifestyle. These are things that can help you achieve that and more. Practicing them, you’ll improve not only your kidney function, but the overall quality of your health, too!

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