Best healthcare assistant jobs in usa for foreigners 2023


Let’s not waste much time. Let’s just get right into the business,these are some questions that are likely to be asked during an interview for a healthcare assistant jobs in usa for foreigners They may not ask you all the questions I’m going to list in this article, but at least some of them are likely to come up.

healthcare assistant jobs in usa for foreigners

So I’m gonna be telling you some questions and their possible  Answers that they expect you to give to those questions.

 So number one will be tell us about yourself, right? 

This question is usually asked in most interviews. Writer, this is an opportunity for you to sell yourself,  It’s usually an open-ended question. So it’s time for you to tell them everything they need to know about must sound very confident. Let them know that you know what you’re saying. So look them in the eyes and sell yourself. So this is an open-ended question,  So usually nobody will interrupt you,So just talk, sound confident, look confident and talk. Let them know that,this one knows what he or she is saying, this question is basically for you to talk about your experience, your qualities, and your interest in the role. It’s not time for things that are not important.


if you basically have any experience at all, it’s time for you to talk about it, You can also mention your qualifications as well. It’s the time for you to talk about your qualities as well. Like you are compassionate, you are caring, you are kind, you’re professional, and you are highly organised. things like that. You talk about your interest in the role, how you

Love the job, how you’re passionate about it, how you love to take care of people, you know, things like that. Basically link your personal interest to healthcare. not that these questions are in no particular order, It’s just the way that I wrote them down.

Why do you want to be a healthcare assistant? 

They’ll tell you, tell us why you want to be a healthcare assistant. So now you can say you have a caring nature, you like to take care of people, you are kind and that you enjoy being a healthcare assistant. You can also go forward to tell them that you like to help people be the best of themselves and that you want to match your skills, values, and experience. And they may now ask you,

 What are the attributes that make a great healthcare assistance? 

You could say that you are a shy person. Of course public speaking has nothing to do with this role,  So you could say that you are shy, that you can’t stand in public and talk, right? And that you speak only one language or right? That you’d have loved to learn so many other languages when you speak only one language. Just basically things that are not related to what you’re applying for.


Of course, as a healthcare assistant, nobody expects you to speak many languages and then nobody expects you to stand in public and talk. So just make sure you tell them something that is not related to healthcare jobs. So sometimes they might give you a scenario, Like tell you a story and ask you what you would do in that situation. So for instance, they might ask you that, imagine that you were employed newly and you came into this home and then a resident called you to give him a cup of tea or something and they

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would ask you what would you do in that situation? 

So because you are new to this role, you don’t know anything about that resident. They have what they call a care plan. Okay? Each resident or each person has their care plans, alright? That means what is applicable to this person is not applicable to this person. So you are expected to say that you just do for the care plan of that resident to see if what he’s asking for is okay for him to take, Because some residents are not allowed to take some things they might not understand.

So it’s there for you to guide them and give them the right thing. So somebody who’s likely to choke is not expected to take this, okay? But they might be asking for biscuits, and if you give that person biscuits, he will choke and he might even die,  So it’s expected of you to check each person’s care plan before you do anything. So you don’t give the person what he’s not supposed to have

 what would you do with a patient who is constantly using the buzzer?

A buzzer is like a build of patients used to call for assistance. So if they need help from anybody, they call for help. They just press the buzzer. So  what would you do in this situation? There is this particular patient that is always calling, like always like you left the room, he’s ringing the bell, you left the room,


it’s ringing the bell. What would you do in that situation? So you can say target appropriate use, Like you tell the person that you have other people to attend to so that he should stop ringing the bell because you’ve attended to him. , just communicate with him and let him understand the consequences of using that bell over and over again.You can also talk about teamwork as well.


what would you do if you saw Brooklyn glass in the ward? 

In these kind of questions, safety and urgency should be at the back of your mind.  So basically you are expected to say that you will clean it up immediately because leaving it to go and call and clean down or leaving it to go and call who is responsible for it, somebody might just run into it and get injured. So let’s tell them that you’re going to take care of it, they’ll ask you a question on confidentiality, like understanding that there’s confidentiality where you work. They might say that a resident will come to you to tell you something and you’ll be like, I have something to tell you.

Please don’t tell anybody. Okay?  What would be your response? So basically you are expected to say that you won’t promise him or her that you wouldn’t tell anybody. So you let him know that it depends on what he has to say, Because if he tells you a secret and you tell it to somebody else, you have let his confidence down. Like you have betrayed him, because you promised him you’re going to keep it to yourself. So you have to tell him. It depends on what he has to say. If it’s something bad, I’m going to let other people know, So it’s up to him to not tell you that thing or not, but please don’t tell him, please tell me, I won’t tell anybody. No, please don’t do that.

 Can you work after social hours?

Your answer should be yes, That’s your willing to work at times that are not usually your normal work hours,  But if you can’t, you can also let them know. But I feel like because you want the job, you just want to impress them. So for interviews, some people say you should not ask about the pay. People say you can ask, but I don’t know, it is up to you. ‘

So these are some of the interview questions and possible answers. Usually after every interview they’ll not ask you if you have any questions for them,  So then you cannot go ahead to ask them questions like, can you tell me more about the team that could be working with potentially if I’m successful? You know, You could also ask them questions like, what would you advise me to do prior to joining the team to help you prepare yourself

So you can also let them know that you are eager to improve your skills and develop yourself, that they should suggest to you courses and training that you can do, you know, to help you prepare for the role very well,  So things like that. And then you can also invite some questions based on the conversation of the day.

That’s a conversation that you guys have had from the beginning of the interview to the end, you can invite a question from there and ask them, Those questions will make you appear like you know what you were doing. So that’s basically for this post.  So to everyone who has an interview, I wish you all the best of luck And to those who are yet to get to the interview stage, keep applying,  Apply to as many care homes as possible.


I’m still going to come on here and give you guys lists of more companies, more care homes and agencies  currently recruiting and giving sponsorship, So please don’t give up, keep applying. People are applying and people are getting interviewed, So please don’t give up. Remember that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. So you shouldn’t give up that the first person said no to you or that the first application didn’t go through. Doesn’t mean you should give up. Keep applying. My next article will be on tips on how to write a perfect cv, For the healthcare assistant role. So please anticipate that article,


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