Fully Funded scholarship in Canada to students with learning disabilities 2023

Fully funded Scholarship in Canada for students with learning disabilities In the framework of their right to an education, Canada takes a thorough approach to students
with learning disabilities and special needs.
Scholarships play a big role in this, and we are taking a look at some of those scholarships for
students with disabilities.

Fully Funded scholarship in Canada

With the necessary high-quality student services and educational initiatives, studying in Canada
as a student with a disability is now better than ever.
Universities and organizations in Canada have made significant investments in providing a
Fully Funded scholarship in Canada for students with disabilities.
They ensure they have appropriate accommodations both inside and outside of the university,
attempting to create a friendly environment, and ensuring all of their needs, academic and
financial, are met.


These organizations were established to help students with disabilities overcome the challenges
that may have previously existed, and they seek to provide services that try to remove the
residual impediments today.
The objective is to ensure that everyone has the same postsecondary experience.

Fully funded scholarship in Canadian for students with disabilities are:

1800wheelchair.ca Scholarship

The 1800wheelchair.ca scholarship is a nationwide prize given to students with disabilities.
This scholarship fund was founded in 2009 and presently provides two $500 scholarships each

Applicants must be enrolled in an approved high school, college, or university in Canada, be 16
or older, and have a good-standing academic status, among other requirements.
It requires its applicants to investigate many concerns, such as campus mobility, overcoming
personal hurdles, and so on.


Fully Funded scholarship in Canada Bank Award

Students studying in a discipline linked to the Bank activities are eligible for the Bank of
Canada Scholarship Award for students of tertiary institutions.
The Bank of Canada Scholarship Award for Post-Secondary Students contributes to the
development of a diverse and competent workforce.
Canadians rely on the Bank of Canada to plan ahead of time, instill trust, and incorporate

learn2 1

These $8,000 scholarships are given to students with disabilities, Indigenous peoples,
LGBTQ2S+ people, Francophone people, and people who identify as members of a visible
minority or colored group to help reduce obstacles to education and foster more diversity in the

Emmy Duff Scholarship

The Emmy Duff Scholarship is available to Canadian students who have received (or are
currently receiving) cancer treatment and live in Canada.
Candidates that are chosen will have exhibited a consistent volunteer commitment to issues that
are important to them.
The program funds post-secondary academic pursuits and acknowledges the personal
accomplishments of exceptional students diagnosed with cancer.
Successful candidates will receive a CAD 2,000 Emmy Duff Scholarship.

● Students in any university or college program in Canada are eligible for this prize.
● Students may be in any year of their academic career.
● Students are only eligible for the prize once.
● Enrollment documentation is necessary.

Fully Funded scholarship in Canada NEADS National Student Awards Program

The NEADS National Student Awards Program is designed to promote full access to post-
secondary education for students with disabilities in Canada, who frequently face increased
hurdles to participation in higher education as well as additional expenditures as a result of their

Students must be presently enrolled in and continuing their studies at a post-secondary school
and show verifiable verification of enrollment as part of their application and upon receipt of the


The prize will be given to excellent candidates who satisfy the program & criteria. The prizes are
sent directly to the recipient's post-secondary institution (in their student accounts) to help
reduce the expense of post-secondary tuition.

Fully Funded scholarship in Canada AMI Program

The AMI Scholarship Program was established in 2012 to commemorate  dedication to
making media accessible to all Canadians.
It was renamed The AMI Robert Pearson Memorial Scholarship in 2016 to honor Robert
Pearson, AMI first Accessibility Officer.

The scholarship program is accessible to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
who are presently enrolled in or returning to a full-time program of study at an approved
Canadian post-secondary college or university and have a persistent handicap.
AMI gives two $5,000 bursaries to meritorious students with persistent disabilities one from the
English community and one from the French community.
Each beneficiary will also receive a Queen size Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt mattress, valued at
about $2,799.

Fully Funded scholarship in Canada DCC Scholarship

The purpose of Disability Credit Canada (DCC) is to assist handicapped Canadians in receiving
the full benefits and credits that they are entitled to from the Canadian government.

Disability Credit Canada, as a Disability Benefits business, works directly with handicapped
Canadians, aiding qualifying applicants in obtaining Disability Tax Credit, CPP Disability, and
Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits, and understanding the specific obstacles they confront.
Disability Credit Canada is dedicated to assisting young handicapped Canadians in achieving
their educational or vocational training goals.
The winner of the yearly scholarship will receive $1,000 towards their tuition at an authorized
Canadian post-secondary school.

Fully Funded scholarship in Canada Carol Shantz Bursary Award

The Carol Shantz Bursary Award is given each year to a current excellent client or an alumna of
KidsAbility who, through hard work and dedication, strives to reach their full potential via post-
secondary education.

The yearly prize, established in 2001 by KidsAbility Foundation to honor Carol Shantz, former
KidsAbility School Educator, and Principal, grants $1,000 in financial help to a student with a
disability starting post-secondary education.

If you are a first-year or returning student starting school in September 2022, we urge you to
apply even if you have not yet received an admission letter.
For more than 20 years, the Carol Shantz Bursary Award has assisted students in reaching their
full potential.

CHS Scholarships

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) is pleased to offer scholarships to Deaf and hard-of-hearing
students to assist them to overcome hurdles to higher education and build brighter lives.
Fully Funded scholarship in Canada are available for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as mature
students, enrolled in authorized post-secondary schools in Canada or abroad.
Students who get money are entitled to continue receiving it for up to four years.
The scholarships are open to Canadian residents who are at least 17 years old and who are
Deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing.

Tuition, residence, and educational materials may be covered by scholarship awards of $3,000
for full-time students and $1,000 for part-time students.
The number of rewards given will be determined by the number and ranking of qualifying


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