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Canada scholarships and bursaries, Atleast 50 scholarships will be awarded during this year’s competition for the canada scholarships and bursaries. The number is expected to grow every year. Interested candidates should apply for a position at Canadian post-secondary schools they prefer and can then apply for scholarships on behalf of the applicant.

The Study in Canada Scholarships provide students from post-secondary institutions located in the new eligible countries/territories with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research in Canadian post-secondary institutions at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

information about canada scholarships and bursaries

Canada’s federal government Canada is the entity responsible for the administration of the federal government of Canada. The term “federal government” is used in Canadian English. The term can refer to either the whole collection of institutions or, more specifically, the Queen-in-Council.

Post-secondary Institutions of the Government of Canada Scholarships

  • Type Undergraduate
  • Organisation Government of Canada
  • The country to study in Canada
  • The school is a place to study
  • The course of study is not specified.
  • State of Origin
  • Gender Gender
  • The deadline for applications is March 22, 2022

Goals and benefits of the canada scholarships and bursaries Institutions and Scholarships

The value of the scholarship is CAD 10200, or CAD 12,700, based on the duration. The funds can be applied towards:

  • The cost of a visa or study/work permit;
  • The scholarship recipient’s airfare is only available via the quickest and most economical route
  • Health insurance
  • The cost of living, for example, accommodation, food, and utilities;
  • Ground transportation, which includes the use of a public transportation card as well as
  • The books and other materials needed for the student’s study or research, except computers and other devices.


Conditions to be a candidate for Government of Canada Post-Secondary Institutions Qualifications for Scholarships

Candidates must:

  • Citizens of one of the following eligible countries/territories:
    • Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan;
    • Europe: Turkey, Ukraine;
    • The Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia;
    • Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda; and
  • Full-time students in a post-secondary school within an eligible territory or country with tuition charges paid to the establishment at the moment of applying and for the entire time that the student exchange.
The Canadian post-secondary institution has to:
  • Be a Designated Learning Institution (DLI);
  • A legitimate student exchange arrangement with the student’s home institution eliminates tuition costs for the recipients of scholarships. For undergraduate and college research applications that do not have an agreement or a letter from the Canadian institution’s international office or equivalent will be accepted and
  • Inform the candidate and their institution of residence of any mandatory fees that are, in rare cases, not waived before applying for a scholarship application on the applicant’s behalf.
Students interested in this program of scholarships must:
  • Inform them of their interests in the institution that they belong to;
  • Find out if there’s an institutional collaboration in place or an exchange contract between the institution they are affiliated with and the Canadian institution;
  • Ask their home institution regarding how to apply and the criteria for selection particular to their Canadian partner institution, as well as
  • Check that they meet the criteria for eligibility.

Post-secondary institutions from eligible countries/territories should:

  • Engage with institutions of a partner in Canada to discuss or confirm the possibility of collaborations between institutions or student exchange agreement
  • Make this opportunity known through their international offices.
  • Find candidates who are eligible and meet the admission requirements of this Canadian Partner institution.
  • They must submit supporting documents for their candidates to their Canadian Partner institution and is accountable for applying for scholarships as well as
  • Recommend candidates to obtain more training in linguistics and skills in intercultural communication before their departure.

Interview Date, Process, and the location for the Government of Canada Post-Secondary Scholarships

The complete and valid applications will be assessed based on the following guidelines:

  • The merits of the research or study in Canada;
  • The benefit to the institution of origin as well as peers;
  • Benefits for the Canadian institution as well as supervisors and peers;
  • The strength of the links to be established through the proposed exchange and
  • The institution that submitted the rankings was a Canadian institution.

Note Priority will be given to those who haven’t had a previous scholarship award under the Study in Canada Scholarships program.

Documents required for application

The document should be less than 5 MB, and must be it must be in .pdf, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .txt, or .gif format to allow your application to allow upload it successfully.

Institutions must ensure that documents are correct and complete according to the guidelines. Documents that have been revised will not accept after the date. Documents written in a language different from English or French should be included with an official translation.


  • The proof of citizenship

    • an image of the candidate’s identification card or passport that has photos and valid dates
    • applicants who come from Taiwan must also show evidence of registration for a household in Taiwan
    • Documents that cannot be considered citizenship documents are driver’s licenses or permanent residence cards, work permit student cards, birth certificates, health care, or baptismal certificates.
    • Proof of citizenship must originate from the same territory or country as the citizenship chosen in the online application form.
  • Privacy Notice:

  • Letter of the intention of the applicant (maximum 1 page):
    • This explains the purpose of studies or research to be conducted.
    • The book provides a rationale for studying, offers a reason for studying Canada, and also for selecting the institution, program, and supervisor, and how the research or study program will be related to their career goals.
  • Letter of evidence of full-time enrollment from the school of your choice (maximum one page):
    • Official letterhead
    • dating within the past six months
    • It confirms that the applicant is currently fully enrolled in a full-time course.
    • Copies of transcripts, student cards, or a certificate from admissions aren’t accepted.

      canada scholarships and bursaries

      • Official letterhead
      • In the past six months
      • from the student’s instructor or professor, or the international director
      • The description of the research or study that is to be carried out by the applicant in Canada and how both the student and their home institution can benefit from this program.
  • Students in the graduate program only – Letter to the Canadian director (maximum one page):

    • Official letterhead
    • In the past six months
    • The signature of the Canadian supervisor from Canada.
    • Describes the scope and nature of the collaboration between the student’s home institution.
    • The article explains what the Canadian institution can gain from the exchange.
  • Copy of the signed duplicate of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or an agreement with the institution partner:

    • states that tuition fees are not charged, and also outlines this particular clause
    • Undergraduate and college research applications without an agreement can be accompanied by a letter from the international office or a similar document with an official letterhead. It ties the application to an International research partnership, identifies the Canadian supervisor, and states that tuition is not paid. The letter must be signed within the last six months and should be no more than one page.
    • The expiration date of agreements cannot be accepted. If it is already in the procedure of being renewed, the institutions must include a note to that effect.
    • A written agreement is highly recommended for graduate school graduate applications but isn’t necessary.

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 the Government of Canada on :

  • Send applications on behalf of qualified candidates.
  • Promote this scholarship opportunity to their faculty and staff members, as well as to partner institutions from the eligible countries/territories;
  • Applications for rank follow the institution’s strategy priority;
  • Find a single person accountable to submit applications.
  • Make a Contribution Agreement with DFATD and then disburse the money for scholarships to successful applicants and
  • Submit quantitative and qualitative reports during the period of the scholarship.

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