Best Vice-Chancellors Social Champion Scholarship1

Best Vice-Chancellors Social Champion Scholarship


Best Vice-Chancellors Social Champion Scholarship 

The Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship is open to applicants new to the University of Canberra. Below is a detailed discussion of the university and its scholarship, its value, its eligibility criteria, and the process for applying.

The Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship is awarded for postgraduate degrees. This is a postgraduate degree offered by the University of Canberra (UC), a public research-based university with its central campus within Bruce, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

The campus is within walking distance from Westfield Belconnen and 8.7 kilometers (5.4 miles) away from the Canberra Civic Centre. UC offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses that span five faculties: Health, Art and Design, Business, Government and Law Education, and Science and Technology.

UC collaborates with nearby ACT institutions: UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra and

University of Canberra High School Kaleen. 

The University of Canberra College offers ways to go to university for students from the country and international students.

The University of Canberra was first identified on the calendar in 1967 as Canberra College of Advanced Education. It was later renamed the Canberra College of Advanced Education. Canberra CAE became the University of Canberra under patronage from Monash University in 1990.



More than 70 000 graduates have attended the university since. The University of Canberra has grown by 78% throughout 2007, growing from 7,300 students to more than 13,000 students in the year 2014. Its median Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking of UC students is 70. The university has a single campus situated within the suburban area of Bruce that covers over 290 acres of roads, buildings, and access roads.


There are around 28 buildings, each devoted to a specific study area or faculty. The majority of these are situated around the main area.

A number identifies each building, and many don’t have any name or title. In their orientation session, the new students are told that the buildings aren’t numbered in the same order, but the concourse’s buildings are being numbered in a counter-clockwise manner from the building that is. It is believed that the numbers refer to the date each building was constructed; however, an overall plan was devised to see these buildings around the concourse numbered in this manner.



The university has been named one of the top 20 of the world’s most youthful colleges in the 2020 Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings.

The school has moved up to the number 18 spot from 34 on the most recent list of top schools for students who are under 50 years old age.

The Chancellor at present of the university as of January 1 is Tom Calma, AO, an Australian Aboriginal elder of the Kungarakan people and a human rights activist and social justice advocate.

Since April 6, 2020, the vice-chancellor of the university has been Professor Paddy Nixon, a technologist and computer scientist. From September 2016 until December 21, 2019, the previous vice-chancellor was Prof. Deep Saini, a plant scientist, and physiologist.

Like many Australian universities, like many Australian universities, the University of Canberra originates the majority of its revenues via Australian Government financing and fees charged to students. It is estimated that the ACT Government offers around one percent of the operating budget.

Best Vice-Chancellors Social Champion Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship is as much as $50,000 each year. It covers:

  • The tuition fee for the course’s duration.
  • On-campus accommodation.
  • Amount of AUD 10,000 per year for financial allowance.
  • And other expenses throughout the first year.


Best Vice-Chancellors Social Champion Scholarship


  • Candidates are eligible to apply for the Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarships if they are in the offshore region when they submit their applications.
  • You’re eligible if you are applying for but haven’t yet started the undergraduate or postgraduate course coursework at The University of Canberra.
  • You may be qualified for the Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship if you’ve fulfilled the program’s academic requirement with an 80% minimum standard (or an equivalent).
  • If you are a holder of any form of a letter of acceptance (plus the conditional or provisional offer) issued by The University of Canberra.
  • If they seek to study under one of the Australian student visas (subclass 500), they may be eligible for the Vice Chancellor’s social Champion Scholarship.
  • If you’re a starting student.
  • The primary visa applicant. Dependents are not eligible for the scholarship or permitted to accompany the visa applicant, who is the primary.



How do I apply for the

Best Vice-Chancellors Social Champion Scholarship

  1. 1-April-2022 Application open
  2. October 9, 2022 – Applications close
  3. November 2022 – Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to arrange an interview
  4. December 2022 – Final Scholarship results will be announced


Deadline to apply for the Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship

The deadline for applications for this award is October 9, 2022.


Official Site: Click here

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