Best IT Digital Transformation Officer in 2022

Best IT Digital Transformation Officer in 2022

Best IT Digital Transformation Officer in 2022

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is a grassroots initiative that works to restore nature and bring people back to their natural surroundings.

“Our vision of an exciting future is stunning and essential!

We are looking for extraordinary living spaces that are safe for us and good for wildlife. We desire the natural world to be expected and children to be raised with natural green areas to explore.


We want to bring back and rewild our ocean and land and tilt the balance towards nature. We’re aware that this is essential to ensure our food, oxygen levels, mental and physical well-being, and vibrant and healthy society.


We know that nature’s healing will help to tackle this climate catastrophe. Our future needs to be more adventurous! We are seeking an energetic and dedicated IT & Digital Transformation Officer to assist the staff of the Trust as well as the staff members in the implementation of the Roadmap for IT together with our Managed Service Provider while integrating Office 365 and other solutions in Our digital transformation in our organization. 



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This permanent role entails:

  • Serving as the initial point of contact to employees who require assistance for both hardware (laptops and tablets, PCs, and mobile) and software issues (predominantly Office 365)
  • Promotion of the usage and benefits of Office 365 tools
  • In charge of ensuring the successful transfer from servers located on-premises to the cloud
  • In collaboration with Facilities Manager and Exec Team to look over Microsoft Office 365 deployment to ensure it’s suitable for its intended purpose.
  • As the principal Contact for the Managed Service Provider, escalate as needed.
  • It aided the Facilities Manager with managing relations with many suppliers, such as support services and software suppliers. If necessary, this may include the management of contractual and organizational KPIs/SLAs.


This job can be considered full-time (35-hour work week) and is located in Beechcroft House with hybrid working between office and home and the requirement to travel to office locations whenever needed.

The complete Job Description is included in our recruiting pack. In short, the following information is the essential requirement.




  • Experience in providing support for the end-users
  • Experienced and proven work experience in an IT environment.
  • The goal-oriented and analytical

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Best IT Digital Transformation Officer in 2022 Knowledge

  • Capable of identifying and comparing the most effective methods or delivery methods to employ, which includes the measurement and evaluation of outcomes
  • IT-related certification (Microsoft Office 365 is beneficial)
  • Experienced in producing and reporting to senior management


Personal Qualities

  • Ability to communicate IT demands in a manner that employees of all skills will comprehend
  • A team-oriented, supportive player who is happy to be part of a team that is busy
  • Conservation of wildlife and interest in it

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  • Communication skills that are effective, either orally and in writing
  • Experienced in writing reports, making presentations, and offering training
  • Ability to communicate IT demands in a manner that personnel of all skills will comprehend

For more details and to apply, visit our website by clicking”Apply.

Closing date: May 9, 2022

Interview date May 15, 2022

We are an inclusive employer, and we recognize that our employees must more accurately reflect the communities within which we work and live. We welcome applicants from all segments of society, but especially those who are underrepresented in our fields, such as people who are black, Asian, minority ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities. We’re committed to creating an environment that acknowledges and values each person’s individuality and identity.






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