best aspect of jobs with animals  Some animal behaviorists teach pets to teach basic manners and obedience, such as guard dog training, retrieving dogs with eyes, or seeing-eye dogs. Other trainers train animals to perform in circuses, zoos, on TV, or stage.



A growing number of animal behaviorists are employed to apply their knowledge of behavior in training, production management, conservation, and taking care of domestic and wild animals.



analysis and teaching in collages

 Animal behavior is an expanding field, and positions in research and teaching are highly competitive. Animal behaviorists can teach and do research in universities and colleges. College teaching careers and research typically require the completion of a Ph.D.


confidential  and public research organizations: 

Positions can range from managing wildlife to conserving endangered species to assisting animals involved in research programs for health sciences.




menagerie Conservation groups, museums,

Museums, and zoos hire animal behaviorists as keepers, curators, or researchers. Curators are responsible for purchasing the collection, maintaining it, and displaying specific animals or specimens. Researchers are accountable for conducting research and study on animals.




Research backing for animal jobs

The research assistants are frequently employed by zoos, universities, government agencies, museums, as well as private establishments to help conduct ongoing research on animal behavior. They are under the supervision of staff or faculty researchers and assist in designing, executing, and evaluating animal behavior research outcomes. Depending on the research undertaking, research assistants may be employed in labs or in the field.


Here’s what some animals behavior graduate students are up to:

  • Director of animal care, Oaken Acres Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Student in Veterinary Science, Royal Veterinary College of London
  • Researchers, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Assistant manager at Camp Bow Wow. Camp Bow Wow
  • Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto, Department of Cell and Systems Biology
  • Naturalist Audubon Center of the North Woods

Job titles of graduates with bachelor’s degrees in animal-jobs 

  • Wildlife technician
  • Animal Services Associate
  • Medical assistant
  • Specialist in animal adoption
  • Research technician
  • Animal caretaker

Employers for graduates in animal job

  • Laboratories and agencies of the government
  • Research organizations
  • Institutions of education
  • Non-profit or foundation organizations, such as foundations or non-profit

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