Best Top 10 Assistant in Nursing Jobs Hiring Now: Near Me

published by shabach on 2/1/2023


Get hired for an Assistant in Nursing job quicker! Our list of top 10 positions will help you find the best fit for you nearby. Apply now!

Top 10 Assistant in Nursing Jobs Hiring Now:

Looking for a job as an Assistant in Nursing jobs? You’ve come to the right place! Our comprehensive list of the top 10 assistant in nursing jobs near you can help you find your perfect fit – and get hired quicker! Read on to learn more about these amazing opportunities and apply today.

Home Health Aide/Assistant in Nursing

Home Health Aides/Assistant in Nursing (HHA/AINs) work with people who are ill, disabled, or mentally impaired and provide assistance in their homes. They provide various care services such as bathing, feeding, dressing and grooming support, help with hygiene and safety needs, light cleaning duties, companionship, meal preparation and more. HHA/AINs must be compassionate and patient with their patients.

Pediatric Assistant in Nursing

Pediatric AINs provide in-home care for pediatric patients, typically those with special needs or life-threatening illnesses. As an AIN working in pediatrics, your duties could include assisting with daily living activities such as bathing,


dressing and food preparation; monitoring vital signs; and providing medications or treatments as prescribed by physicians. You may also be responsible for maintaining records of patients’ progress. You will need strong communication skills and an understanding of the complex medical needs of these clients.

ICU Nurse Assistant

If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding challenge as a nurse’s assistant in an intensive care unit, then this job is for you! As an ICU Nurse Assistant, your duties include providing patient care under the direction of registered nurses, monitoring patients’ physical needs; recording their health status;

providing comfort and assistance to those in pain or discomfort; preparing and administering medications and treatments; helping those with physical limitations to perform activities such as walking; and responding to emergencies.


You must possess excellent communication skills, have a calm demeanor, be able to work quickly and accurately under pressure, understand medical terminology, possess strong technical proficiencies with medical equipment, and be well-versed in safety techniques.

Emergency Assistant in Nursing (EAN)

Emergency Assistant in Nursing (EAN) is a rewarding and demanding career working in the fast-paced environment of ER departments. The successful EAN will be proficient in providing medical care under the supervision of a doctor or nurse, assessing patient’s condition when they arrive at the ER, understanding basic medical terminology and patient data entry, efficiently gathering information on each individual’s unique health and dietary needs, accurately inputting that information into the record form so that proper care can be administered quickly and correctly. You should also be comfortable leading people during a stressful situation and being able to think quickly in order to make important decisions that affect people’s lives.

Mental Health Assistant in Nursing (MHAN)

Mental Health Assistant in Nursing (MHAN) is an important and highly specialized position in the nursing field. Successful MHANs must be equipped with a knowledge of mental health disorders as well as interpersonal skills. The MHAN works closely with medical staff to provide medical care, medication management,

socialization opportunities and psychosocial activities for patients suffering from addiction, depression or other forms of mental illness. They must be able to recognize danger signs and symptoms in order to reduce the risk of harm associated with mental illness. Additionally, they must have excellent communication skills to ensure all instructions are carried out properly.


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