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when i was Growing up, I used to hear the word Commonwealth in the radio and  television, and on the peperspace, There is a Commonwealth games, which the sports commentators on the radio discussed with  some personalities and that made me presume that it had the same reputations as the Olympics games with all the great sporting countries that make up the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth games has the same reputation as the Olympics.  Commonwealth is a body union of mostly countries that had a history of British Colonialism This is the best way to put it. The best explanation is “The Commonwealth of Nations, generally known  as the Commonwealth, is a governmental  association of 54 member nations most of which are former head of the British Empire.

So, the Commonwealth is a pair of nations who were at a time  part of the British empire, and that means that many  of them has English as a first or second language. Canada also has  French as one of their language Some other nation in the Commonwealth are, Ghana,India, South Africa,  Australia and Nigeria

united state of America is not a member of commonwealth

International Relations is rather too mundane of a topic. Fully funded award scholarships where you can take  your postgraduate studies, on the other hand, is genuinely amazing.you have any worries, from this point forward  we shall discuss  the UK Commonwealth Scholarship, and how you can register and be accepted

What are the benefit of Commonwealth Scholarships?

every  year, more than   800 people is given the opportunity to achieve their dream of studying in a United Kingdom University. These 800 students who have has passion to make a positive mark globally, and have shown passion and dedication to accomplish that


The United Kingdom government is very much devoted to the Commonwealth, and have sustained the funding for a Commonwealth Scholarship for skilfull individuals, such as yourself, who deserve to use a UK university for their post-graduate studies but couldnt afford the cost,. If you are from a Commonwealth nation and want to make impact to the world,but couldnt afford to sponsor  your UK studies on your own,dear  you could be the  candidate for a Commonwealth Scholarship.


Who can Apply?

There are many scholarship awards  and opportunities giving under the Commonwealth Scholarship, and the acceptable merit  for each type of scholarship and sociability vary. However, here is a list of the most important needs that applies to every student who will qualify for a Commonwealth Scholarship:

  • You must be a national or a lasting occupant of a Commonwealth country, though you will still be acceptable  if you are a refugee or British sheltered person.
  • You must  have an undergraduate honor degree of at least upper second class (2:1). but  For a PhD, you must have appropriate master’s degree,
  • You must be able to afford to study in UK without a scholarship.my dear we call it the Commonwealth because the wealth needs to spread not to be given to people who already have enough. So, if your parents  can afford to pay for your tuition fee please dont take the opportunity made for people who cant afford it,

    scholarships that is available?

common wealth available scholarship

  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships for under developed countries and  states
  • Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships for low and middle-income nations
  • Commonwealth overhead Scholarships
  • Commonwealth divided Scholarships
    • Commonwealth Medical sociability
    • Commonwealth Professional sociability

    this the links that will  tell you more details about these programs here: https://study-uk.britishcouncil.org/scholarships/commonwealth-scholarships.

    CSC Development

    my dear  there are no restriction on what you can study on the Commonwealth scholarship, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission stands firm that your study and  work with the following development scheme, and they give you first concern  to applicants whose studies are most relevant to these development merit

    1. Science and technology for development
    2. Strengthening health systems and magnitude
    3. Promoting global success
    4. upholding global peace, security and governance
    5. upholding resilience and response to crises
    6. entrance inclusion and opportunity

    my dear  we are not interested to know or listing to any excuses you have, You would be able to get a Commonwealth Scholarship and study and become a responsible person. there is a ngo that can get you the funding, but the CSC wouldn’t be interested in that.

    What of kind Financial Support is Given through the Scholarship?

    many of Commonwealth scholarships are fully paid for. This means that it covers your tuition fees, and you will also receive your bursary to and from the UK and a living allowance to aid you while you are in the UK.

    , you would be able to stock your house with any kind of food and beverages that  you want. And you can compare the industrial farming for almonds against industrial diary farming, on the basis of CO2/methane emissions, and other environmental impact. That’s a good study right there. just wait  let me go ask the CSC if they are willing to give me a fully funded scholarship doing that study. And a complimentary luxury bath for being so brilliant ,Commonwealth high Learning

     how to Apply?

    You would need to get the following to begin your application:

    1. a  copy of your passport
    2. your academic performance
    3. your existing university degree result
    4. two or three references, if you have one
    5. your admission letter.

    What else? Internet Connection. Do you have that? Sure, you do. How else would you reading this blog? Follow this link: https://cscuk.fcdo.gov.uk/scholarships-filter-search/, and the rest is sort of self-directory. You would submit the above-listed documents, and answer some questions on that page.

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